I wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you to each and every person who showed their love and support to CannaHealth. When we began CannaHealth in July of 2017, we were endeavoring to educate communities across CT on the benefits of Medical Marijuana, the effects that the War on Drugs had on inner city communities, in the form of Urban Trauma, the diagnosis’ that qualify patients to become certified as Medical Marijuana patients in the state, and provide access to quality Medicinal Grade Cannabis by way of our palliative Use of Medical Marijuana Program in CT which began in 2012.

As a Life long CT resident, Registered Nurse, and Mother, my work in Cannabis has caused me to loose jobs, friends, and so many things I had worked to accomplish over the years. Although I felt that Cannabis was a righteous cause, many felt that I was promoting “drug use” and providing access to a “gateway” drug that will lead to the “detriment of society”. However I realized from the moment I saw my grandmothers health transform with the implementation of Cannabis into her daily health regimen that Cannabis was the one thing that I could do to make an impact in this world. Now I know that sounds pretty ambitious and maybe even idealistic, but when you learn of the science of the plant, coupled with the Medical aspects of cannabis consumption, and uncover the racially motivated factors that went into the prohibition of Cannabis and the effect that criminalization has had on Communities of Color, as well as the avenues to entrepreneurship and the potential to utilize Cannabis funds to build legacy’s and create jobs and opportunities, I was sold and felt the sacrifices were worth it.

So I had to quit my job, down size my car, and home and jump in with my hands and feet so that people had access to information about Cannabis.

Yes, we started CannaHealth, but we also began building relationships and having conversations with Legislators about Cannabis Legalization. We had community events to educate and enlighten those who were effected by the War on Drugs and those who suffer from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and Urban Trauma. In addition I began visiting other states, speaking about Cannabis as Medicine and in regard to restorative justice, and while in these states forming allies and learning what other states have been doing in re: to Equity and Access for people of Color. Some of the TOP women and men in Cannabis have mentored me and supported our efforts. We have been on national stages at Cannabis conferences being sought after as leaders in this industry and in publications including Essence Magazine in September 2018 (one of the accomplishments I am most proud of)…..

But ALL of this has been for THIS time, here in the state of CT, where our Governor Elect has committed to legalizing Cannabis for Adult Use here, and opportunities for entrepreneurship and to develop a real job creating money making industry here finally is possible IF we make sure that the laws that are created and the legislation that is written affords ALL people access to entry and is both FAIR and EQUITABLE!

For 2019, CannaHealth will continue to expand beyond our New Haven and Hartford offices to provide professional culturally competent care to those patients interested in obtaining Medical Marijuana Cards in the state of CT. But we will also be working diligently to assure that as Adult Use Laws are written people currently in Prison for Cannabis related crimes are released, those with Cannabis criminal records are eligible to have those records expunged (Pardons and Erasures), patients have the right to grow their own Cannabis, and people from communities affected by the War on Drugs have preference in obtaining licenses and permits within the CT Cannabis Industry.

If you want to have a business in the Cannabis Industry here in Connecticut, YOU MUST lend your time, energy, and abilities in speaking to your legislators, collaborating with organizations focused on leveling the playing field, and show up for community meetings and info sessions that will be happening over the next 12 months.

We need you! For more information contact kebra@visitcannahealth.com, CURE (Connecticut United For Reform and Equity), CT NORML, and Cannabis Consultants of CT.