Why Medical Marijuana?

As a Registered Nurse I spent the past 2 decades, primarily working in Homecare. I would go to see patients daily to administer medications and to assess how patients were responding to medications and treatments.  Often I saw very little improvement (if any) and at times I saw a decline in quality of life as a result of dependence on laboratory developed and derived pharmaceuticals.  If patients were on Opioids, you would additionally have to assess these patients for signs of addiction (both physical and psychological dependence) as well as assess them for increased tolerance that would mean prescribing more and more of this addictive drugs that can lead to respiratory depression and death. 

After repeatedly encountering these patients and the cycle of medications that are effective for one thing but damaging to other things (like your liver, kidneys, psychological effects and again death), I became interested in looking for alternatives to traditional pharmaceuticals.   I began studying Cannabis (Marijuana) and found that this natural plant based medicine was not only a safer, less lethal option for MANY patients with a variety of ailments (both physical and psychological), but also that Medical Marijuana is truly an effective medicine that should be introduced early into a patients regimen and not as a last resort. 

Just as an FYI Look up US patent number 6630507. (The United States knows it’s effective medicine too😉) 


So that’s why I chose Medical Marijuana as my speciality and why I chose to become a Cannabis Nurse Educator, so that I can share all of the knowledge I have about this “Miracle Plant” with people around the world! 

Kebra, Cannabis Nurse Educator